Buteyko Breathing & Fitness Workshop Townsville

Guaranteed Improvement

Hi, I'm James Hooper.  In 1995 I created a training based on the Buteyko Method which has transformed the lives of thousands of asthma sufferers.  My best-selling book "How To Grow Out of Asthma As Quickly As Humanly Possible" has had 5 reprints and is available in Spanish.

Over the decades, over 4,500 people have benefited from my workshops and trainings.  I will be running a Workshop in Townsville in November.  Spaces are limited.  This Workshop will include additional training not available anywhere else in the world.  Specifically you will not only learn and apply the breathing exercises, you will also begin the process of applying for you own FITNESS improvement.

Those with asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, or any breathing related condition are invited to contact me for more details.

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    The Total Guarantee:  By the end of the Workshop (14 days) you will be completely happy with your progress or your money back, no questions asked.
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    This workshop is for adults, but contact me regarding children - especially with asthma.  

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