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This site is dedicated to supporting people learning to use the Buteyko Technique or Method.

Firstly we will offer tested training products – that we know work.

Secondly, all purchasers of the training products will have the opportunity to benefit to continued support in our Member’s Forum from James Hooper the author.

Future training products in the near end of the pipeline are specific courses on emphysema, exercise asthma, sleep apnea, breathing for elite performance, and others.   We will also be sourcing the best training resources from other related areas, and will make these available to members either for free or at a greatly reduced rate.

Please read on to discover the truly solid clinical evidence that this Buteyko Method works.

James Hooper

Firstly – Here is some data on a clinical trial conducted in a major Australian Hospital involving the Australian Asthma Foundation and the Buteko Method:-

Buteyko Group decreased average agonist use by 90.1%. [From 1235ug to 134ug]

Placebo Group decreased average agonist use by 5%. [From 1029ug to 978ug]

Inhaled Steroid Use:

Buteyko Group average inhaled steroid use fell 12.5% from 1893ug to 1656ug

Placebo Group average inhaled steroid use remained statistically the same at 1450ug to 1551

Diary Card Symptom Scores

Buteyko Group decreased symptoms score by 50%

Placebo Group decreased symptoms score by 15%

Quality of Life Score – Impact of Asthma on Patient


Dimensions measured were breathlessness, mood , impact on social activity, concern for the future.

Buteyko Group – 54% improvement, better in all dimensions

Placebo Group – 24% worsening

Summary at 6 Weeks

After 6 weeks Buteyko subjects used 90.2% less beta-agonist [relief medication], felt substantially better in terms of

breathlessness, mood, social activity and concerns about the future, had less symptoms, and as a group used less inhaled


Results At 3 Months

Beta-agonist Use

Buteyko group had maintained decreased average use by 90%

Placebo group had increased average use by 9%

Inhaled Steroid Use

Buteyko group had decreased average inhaled steroid use by 49%

Placebo group was statistically the same as before the trial

Diary Card Symptom Scores

Buteyko group – 71% improvement

Placebo group – 14% improvement

Quality of Life Scores

Buteyko group had significant improvement that was still maintained at 8 months

Follow-up At 8 Months

At 8 months the decrease in beta-agonist use in the Buteyko had been maintained.


This study showed that a group of severe asthmatics[averaging over 12 puffs of relief medication] were able to

reduce their medication to an average of just over 1 puff per day, simply by learning a different model for breathing.

As well as reduced relief medication, the need for steroidswas also significantly reduced. This is combined with massively

reduced symptoms and greatly improved quality of life.

In this trial it was also attempted to changes in CO2 levels, changes in peak expiratory flow levels, and minute

volume levels. Because of the relatively small sample size, the only statistically significant change among these measures of

“lung function” was minute volume. (Minute volume is an objective measure of the volume of air breathed at rest in one

minute while stable. It is a consistent measure of the degree of hyperventilation in the patient.)

If you have any questions please contact me at  james@seminar.com.au    Once you have completed your Paypal  transaction click the link to return to the site – where you will be able to create a login and start downloading your asthma system.

Minute Volume Shows Buteyko Effective

The Buteyko group average minute volume dropped from14.0+6.5 litres, to 9.6+3.1 litres which is a significant

significant drop when compared to the placebo group.

This change is exactly as predicted by Buteyko Theory whichstates that a reduction in hyperventilation will result in

reduction in symptoms of asthma and hayfever. [Correlation was found between the relative reduction in beta-agonist use in the

Buteyko group and the relative reduction in Minute volume, r=0.51,p=0.04]

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