For OVER 20 Years I Have Been Teaching People To Reduce Their Asthma Symptoms By Average of 90% With a Breathing Method.

Now I am just plain over it.  I have stopped doing Workshops.  And if you are dumb and happy enough to keep swallowing the bollocks fed to you by your drug companies - good luck to you. Good bye.

Or Keep Reading If You are Smart Enough To Know The Taste of BS...

20 years ago I stumbled over a Russian breathing method called Buteyko.  I had asthma.  I learned the method,  my asthma went away.

I am a biochemist.  If what I had been told by my doctors, pharmacists, university professors, asthma foundations and every other "white coat" boffin had been true - I would STILL have asthma. But it was not true.

Think about it - you are taking advice on asthma from people who say up front "there is no cure", "you will only ever learn to control your symptoms with our special drugs". Yes, I am saying your doctor is wrong.  And most likely ignorant.  Ignorant means you don't know - not stupid.

You want a story?  Ok.  When I first found out about the theory on this method - I thought "BS!".  But it was simple - so I tested it.

First I did the breathing that these Russians were saying was necessary for EVERY asthma symptom.  (they did not say it as simply as that - making it simple is just something I am good at.) So this breathing is present in every asthma attack.  Ok - so I do that breathing. What happens - after about 45 seconds (back then) I get a nice wheeze going.  Tightness and mucus.  Just like my normal asthma.  I was stunned.  I was about to take of couple of puffs of my Ventolin - when the rest of the theory kicked in.

I did the opposite form of breathing.  (Don't worry you can get all this info in my too-cheap books.)  You can guess what happened. Within about a minute the symptoms had gone.   I can be a bit slow - so I repeated this three times.  And I made EVERY participant in my workshops do the same thing - for 20 years.  Everybody got their symptoms, and then reversed them.  (Don't do this without guidance by the way.)

Ok - so what. I quit my position working for a multinational pharmaceutical  company and became a Buteyko Instructor.  And kept on learning. I expected that within a year or two - the physios or nurses or physiologists or doctors (or someone!!!) would scoop this up and spread the info.  That was in the mid-1990's. Now 20 years later I am pissed.

What is wrong with all the so-called smart and caring medical professionals, the scientists and even all you not-completely-stupid people who get the asthma?

Back in the 90's there was eventually the first Clinical Trial of the Buteyko Method.  It was funded by the Australian Asthma Foundations, was at the prestigious Mater Hospital in Brisbane and overseen by a leading physician called Dr Simon Bowler. This was a serious trial.  The medical and drug professions were copping stick from people who's asthma had been smashed - and they thought this trial would be the end of the matter. What happened? The average reduction in symptoms and relief drug was 90%.  What this meant was that people reduced their symptoms by average of 90%. They also reduced their inhaled steroids 50% (over 6 months), their "quality of life" scores got better at the same time.

Now look.  If you are a moron who gets asthma regularly, and you read that learning this breathing method reduces asthma symptoms by 90% in people just like you - you will go and learn it, right?  After all it is a breathing method, not a drug. If you are not a moron, and you get asthma - and you do not check this out - then the only logical reason is that you want to have asthma.

I sure as hell did not want it!  I had 30 years of rubbish health, crap sleep, tiredness, low energy, more colds and flus, stress, my school life was affected, and I could not succeed at sports that I loved. I could not learn more about this fast enough. And here we are 20 years later.  You are reading about some Aussie moaning at you and calling you and your doctors morons.

The basics of this breathing model are so simple I can explain to it 3 year old children.  The kids just do the drills - not perfectly but well enough, they learn to breathe through their noses, to cough with their mouths closed, and to breathe extra gently through their noses until they feel a teeny bit suffocated when they feel a wheeze or cough starting.  (And use your medicine as directed) That is all there is!

Yes OK - my workshops ran for five X two hour sessions over 7 days.  But the paragraph above is all you need.  The rest is practice.  This is kindergarten training - not bloody medicine.

Anyway - yes I am over it.  As a parting gift I have put all the resources I have collected over 20 years and put it into a membership site - where for $6.95 a month you can have it all, plus you can ask me questions in the forum.  And you can stop after one payment if you must.

Or you can do a workshop for about $A700 and get it fed to you on a baby spoon.

Or you can keep doing the same things, listening the drivel that passes for science that comes from super rich drug companies.

What actually matters?  How about 90% reduction in relief medications? What the "scientists" use as an excuse to not suggest this be taught to everyone?  Are you ready?  They say that even after your asthma symptoms have completely gone away - your airways "remain twitchy"! Seriously!  It makes the hairs on the back of my neck crawl.

Then they say it is completely safe to learn (it is less rigourous than yoga, right?).  To be fair, the British Lung Association or whatever the bunch "specialist" doctors who advise people call themselves, and a few other "professional" bodies say that this method may help as a complementary to drug treatments. No sheet, Sherlock.

Remember the 90% reduction in symptoms?  This is NOT A DRUG - it is learning to stop the breathing pattern that causes the symptoms.  And at no point do ANY Buteyko Instructors around the world say to not use your drugs as directed.  And never have.

The name of the book I wrote?  "How to grow out of asthma as quickly as humanly possible".  That's another point - how do your blinkered, hypnotised, labcoated, stethoscope wielding ignorami explain how people grow out of asthma?  They don't and cannot.  They make up a name "spontaneous remission".  And apparently a large percentage of teenagers just manage to do this out of "luck".   Or maybe they figure out - breathe like this through my mouth - get asthma.  Stop doing it - asthma goes away.

Anyway - you are welcome to pay your $6.95 and read all my stuff, and get access to the forum.  You can go over the internet and find it for free, or you can just turn on your thinking brain and read the paragraph above where I told you how it works.  And figure it out. In any case - 90% reduction in asthma symptoms and relief drug need in published clinical trials, and supported by later clinical trials  (not paid for by drug companies.)

Thanks for reading, I do hope you will redeem my faith in the ability of our race to stop swallowing bull droppings  and think for yourself.

Cheers James Hooper

Ps - the videos are interesting - I just put them there because it might help some people get past their betrayed trust issues.  Plus I think $10M a kilo for drugs is not right.  Not right at all.

Here is what you get when you pay your $6.95 subscription (cancel after first payment if you want.)

    • Buteyko Manual For Asthma (PDF) by James Hooper ($29.95) This manual explains, teaches and helps you understand in the simplest terms what is going on. The instructions are very clear and explicit - this is the best "teach yourself Buteyko" document available. It was written specifically for those who could not get access to Buteyko Workshops.
    • Buteyko Workout Workbook (PDF) by James Hooper ($19.95). This is the workbook I use in my Buteyko Workshops. It guides you on exactly what to do at home to get similar results (but live training is always better if you can get it.)
    • The Buteyko Lecture (MP3) by James Hooper ($19.95) This recording helps you understand what is going on with your breathing.
    • Buteyko Workshop First Session (MP3) by James Hooper ($69.95). Listen in to my first Workshop Session - which is the most important in terms of clear instruction. This explains the theory, and what to do. Includes how to cough, how to unblock your nostrils to allow nasal breathing, how to sleep without messing up your breathing, teaching small children how to do this method, and more.
    • Access to the new Buteyko Breathing Forum so you can get direct feedback and guidance from me, and where you can learn from others who are sharing the same road you are on.
    • Access to Private Members Only Hangouts each month with specific information relevant to a great variety of conditions, as well as how to use this method to exceed your past expectations in terms of sports, exercise and vitality.
    • VERY RESTRICTED Access if needed to Private Coaching Sessions with me. As a member you get a super price.
    • Other bonus items, and items I will be adding as this site gets bigger and more valuable.
    • Your get to take back your power from the manipulative system that entangles you.

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