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Posted on February 27, 2016

Emphysema Bootcamp Launching Soon

If you are experiencing the breathlessness, the frustration, and the helplessness of emphysema (and similar conditions) - then lift your head out of your misery and pay attention right now because you have little time to waste.

And before you read the key points below - let me share some info about emphysema that most people dont know.

  • You can appear to be very cranky at the world - and people don't realize it is because you are tired, frustrated, and can do not much about it.
  • Your attention span is short - which means you have little patience - even with your loved ones.  This attention is short for two reasons - first is that you can't breathe.  Second is that the way that you are breathing results in a reduced blood flow to your brain.
  • So - use your mental toughness to read about this potential training - and pay attention.  And simply refuse to give up.

Here are some key points:

  1.  There is a breathing training method that has been proven to reduce ASTHMA symptoms (breathlessness, coughing, etc) by an average of 90%.  If you have asthma and you don't know about Buteyko Method - again - get your head up and find out more.  I have been teaching it for over 20 years, as have hundreds of others with tens of thousands of people getting improvements.   So - here the questions for you with emphysema:   Will this program that reduces breathlessness and mucus in asthmatics - work in other conditions?
  2. Because there is no clinical studies to prove whether it will or won't help your condition - I cannot say it will.  But - logically if something improves something similar (eg breathlessness) - then it is worth a shot when you have no other option - right?
  3. There is nothing dangerous to do - you just learn the theory about what may be doing wrong with your breathing - and then you do some breathing drills and see if your breathlessness changes.  What have you got to lose?
  4. I cannot give you a guarantee that this program will help your conditions  (or the various "health agencies" around the world will go nuts on me).  But I CAN and DO guarantee that you will be happy with your progress.  Or full refund of all fees immediately.  The same guarantee I have given for my Buteyko Workshops since 1994.    Not happy with results = money back, no fuss.
  5. If you keep riding the Emphysema Horse in the direction it is travelling, the road gets pretty ugly as time passes.  It is up to you to take charge of this - as our current medical establishment has given up on you.  It attempts only to make you more comfortable.  Screw that.  The doctors and helpers are all well meaning - but they are using a playbook that always ends the same way.  Just like asthma.

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Keep on living,

James Hooper

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