How To Get Asthma On Purpose

Posted in Types Of Asthma In Adults on November 22, 2015

With The Right Understanding - You CAN Give Yourself Asthma Symptoms!

This short video shows gives you the insight on how to give yourself asthma.  The twins both previously had asthma - now only one of the twins does.  Watch the video now:

How To Grow Out of Asthma Equals  The "Opposite" of Giving Yourself (or Growing INTO) Asthma...

In a nutshell, if you want to give yourself asthma symptoms and you have the genetic ability - you can.  I have now been free of asthma symptoms since 1995.  Before that I had it all the time.  In December last year I did a demonstration where I triggered my own asthma symptoms, then made them go away, TWICE.

In my book "How To Grow Out of Asthma As Quickly as Humanly Possible" - you get the full directions on growing out of asthma using Buteyko Method.  When you read it - you will find the theory absurdly simple and very easy to apply for yourself.

You breathe a certain way - you WILL get symptoms.  The breathing you do to get asthma is EXACTLY what you see if you actually watch someone having asthma symptoms.  You see that they breath HUGELY - large, deep breaths, usually through your mouth.   When I do that - I get asthma symptoms after two and a half minutes of breathing that way.

I then do the "opposite" breathing pattern - and the symptoms subside.  There is no need for dust mites or smoke or smells or exercise or stress or any of the "trigger factors".

In every Workshop I have taught for three decades, every asthmatic has exhibited this response to breathing.

Get my book on Amazon.  Read the instructions and do the test for yourself if you want.  There is a risk - as this is REAL asthma.  And asthma can kill you.  You will learn in the book that the first rule is to stay alive - it is only if you stay alive that you can figure out and practice the exercises that will make your asthma symptoms disappear.

If you have questions from the book - you can ask me at

Click on the Amazon link below to get your hands on either the paperback or Kindle versions.  Your life will never be the same once you read this book.



How To Grow Out of Asthma Or How To Give Yourself Asthma




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